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  Dogs  Lie


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       SAMRAT CHAKRABARTI                          EWA DA CRUZ                            FRANK  BOYD


             " I highly recommend this film and cannot say anything but good things about it. If you liked , The Usual Suspects,

               Fargo, or Palookaville you'll love this wonderful film"       Jan. Bursey.  Winter Palace Films.  LA


               " The film's development  is rich with mystery and surprising humor "      Angeliki. Coconi. Unsung Films  UK


                " A magnetic work filmed with nuance and intrigue"      Roberta Zlokower.  Roberta On The Arts  NY 


                " As a debut feature for Richard Atkinson Dogs Lie displays a lot of promise"     Emily Intravia   Rogue Cinema. NY


                " Black mail, secrets and murder complicate a sleep research project involving 8 patients and a pair of pychchiatrists in this mind

                   bending thriller set over the course of one- life- altering night."     Jason Buchanon .  Rovi  LA


                  " Talented ensemble cast delivers on an inteligent, suspenseful plot"   Indie Talent Awards   LA        




               DISTRIBUTION (USA and Canada)  VANGUARD CINEMA.( Quality independent film) 





Produced and Directed by Richard Atkinson . DIrector of Photography - Colin Lewis . Edited by Albert Elmazovski .

Director of Music - Spencer Snyder . Music by Spencer Snyder, Jason Solowsky and Ignacio Uriarte

Key Hair and Special Effects - Candice Crawford . Key Makeup - Rani Shortland . Stylist - Melissa Nicole Buck

Casting by Brette Goldstein . Written by Richard Atkinson, Jane Beale and Ronnie Cohen.

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