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  Dogs  Lie


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 "Dogs Lie"

SYNOPSIS. Eight patients and two clinicians meet at a luxury New York sleep clinique for a night of observation and monitoring . Their lives become dangerously entwined as dark secrets are revealed.The beautiful Lucia finds herself the center of attention. Blackmail, romance and murder ensue. Nothing is quite what it seems as relationships deepen and others unravel. 


FRANK BOYD is Josh Logan, an irreverent jokester with a competitive streak. Josh is a clinician at a luxury New York sleep clinic and whiles away the nights there attending to patients and challenging his colleague, Iqbal Khani,to wagers and games. He is best known for his film roles in "B.U.S.T." (as Sean) and "The Kid Stakes" (as Bruiser Murphy). On TV he appeared as a drug dealer in "Guiding Light".

SAMRAT CHAKRABARTI  is Iqbal Khani, a likeable, conscientious clinician and romantic opportunist. He is best known for his film roles in "The Waiting City" (as Krishna), "Kissing Cousins" (as Amir) and "The Wedding Weekend" (as Will). On TV he has appeared in "30 Rock" (as Ramesh), "In Treatment" (as Arun Sanyal) and "Damages" (as Manu Singh). Samrat plays Wee Willie Winkie in the much anticipated "Midnights Children" by Dirctor Deepa Mehta. Salman Rushdi's first novel to be made into a film.
EWA DA CRUZ is Lucia Diego, a stunningly beautiful mob girlfriend with a troubled past. She is best known for her film role in "Bella" (Veronica) and on TV for her roles as Vienna Hyatt (268 episodes) in "As The World Turns" and "Lipstick Jungle" (as Chantel) Damages ( Prostitute). Ewa can be seen soon in Ric Klass's" Excuse me for Living"
KEN ANDERSON aka MR. KENNEDY appears as Yuri Popov, a menacing but attractive, powerful and cool-headed mob soldier. He is best known for his role in "Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia" (as MCPO Carter Holt). On TV he has appeared in TNA Impact! Wrestling (as Mr. Anderson), WWF Raw (as Mr. Kennedy), WWE Superstars (as Mr. Kennedy), WWE Hall of Fame 2009 (as Mr. Kennedy) and WWE Smackdown! (as Mr. Kennedy).
GITA REDDY is Mamaji, the over-protective, interfering, widowed mother of clinician, Iqbal Khani. She is best known for her film role as The Guru in "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Quarter Life Crisis" (as Sonya). On TV she has appeared in "Law & Order" (as Dr. Nancy Kooter), "Possible Side Effects" (as Cookie) and "Numb3rs" (as Tapti Ramanujan).
ROYA SHANKS is Detective Mayo, an officious plain clothes detective with a surprise off-duty flirtatious side. She is best known for her role as on screen narrator in "Single, a Documentary Film" and on TV she has appeared on "As The World Turns" (as Nurse), "Gossip Girl" (as Laryssa) and "Chasing Dorota" (as Laryssa).
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